Between this class, and another class, I have recently come into an understanding of the importance of communication. In Piercy’s novel, Woman On The Edge Of Time,communication (or the lack there of) contributes to a major theme in the novel. The default of the population is a white, heterosexual male. In the novel, the main character Connie is a Hispanic woman with possible mental issues making her almost opposite of the default. When she is checked into the ward at the beginning of the novel doctors (which at that time were mostly white males) completely discard all of her perspective about the incident.  Ironically enough, doctors are supposed to be some of the most perceptive people, they are trained in the novel to not listen to the patients which is increasingly making them more close minded and less able to handle patient situations in a proper manner. You see the breakdown in communication again when Connie learns that Luciente and the people in her world talk to cats saying “Either you’re putting me on or you’re crazier than I am.” In this situation you could see Connie as the default because technically, this new society sprung from her people (people of her time).  Her views on everything in this new world are similar to those of the default in her society.  To Connie, everything in this world is strange, especially in the way that they raise children. Everyone in this future has such great communication with themselves and everything involving their environment where in Connie’s world, it is overly exaggerated that she has no connection to her world. She’s not only in isolation in the ward, but in life she has no connection to anyone. Her husband, her daughter, Dolly, the pimps and everyone else she refers to had either left her, or she alienated them.  When she is taken into this future world that she is taken into, she is so appalled by anything that is not of her norm.

It’s a reoccurring cycle that the default sees everything as ridiculous except for what is the default in their own world.  Communication is such a barrier in Connie’s situation as it is in most situations where there is conflict.  The doctors are so uncertain about what to do with the “crazy” that they ignore any possibility of crazy not necessarily meaning bad.  Connie does the same with those of the future. The level of uncertainty between relationships is creating such a wall that nobody seems willing to break down. Piercy is making a huge statement about relationships in this novel. She outwardly points out the judgmental attitude of society and shows us reason to open our minds. Connie is an example of what happens because of that judgment and Luciente and her world is an example of what it would be like without that wall of uncertainty.